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Hey, My name is Russell Sim, I'm a hobbyist, who loves computers, woodworking and 3d printing.

I bought a Prusa i3 mk2 style Prusa printer, which i have gradually upgraded to the mk2.5.

I spend a lot of time programming, but am also very interested in woodworking, I built The Anarchists Tool Chest in my apartment in Copenhagen, and I'm hoping to do a lot more when space permits.

I do a bunch of programming, when I first started programming professionally started out doing Python, and it's always been great fun to work on. But these days in my spare time I do Common Lisp, and professionally, it's mostly Ruby, GoLang, Jsonnet.

I found Common Lisp via Emacs, and even thought the library support isn't as good as with some other systems, much like Emacs, it's really nice that you can come back to it after years and find that it's the same as it was before only better.

On this site I host a blog

About the site

This site is inspired by lots of different sites, I actually have recreated this site more times than I have posts. I think this speaks more to my lack of focus when it comes to writing. The current theme is derived from the Emacs Org Mode default theme, but styled with colours from the Modus Themes.

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