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Refreshing channel packages

Keywords: #guix

I have been playing around with my own Guix channel1 to host packages I'm using to experiment with using Guix as a tool to help build a reproducible development environments. Guix has a really cool command called guix refresh that should help with updating projects. It's supposed to automatically search for the latest version and update the package definition. But when i first when to run this I got a very strange error, Read more...

Load ASDF Systems from the CWD

Keywords: #common-lisp

My workflow when it comes to development on lisp libraries, is to change into the project the launch a SLIME shell. This works great but how do I load systems from that project? Well I used to use a snippet like this. (push (truename (make-pathname :directory (sb-posix:getcwd))) asdf:*central-registry*) This is not what most people seem to be doing, instead they are using a local projects directory to host any local projects for example in roswell that directory is . Read more...

SourceHut build  Updated:

Keywords: #source-hut #ci

I started using today and I must say it was a pretty good all round experience. When I compare this to the other tools I have used recently and there 3 main attributes that sickout for me. 1 Simplicity The system is much simpler than some of it's counterparts, and I actually really like this. There is way too much complexity in Github actions, it's essentially not possible to test the workflows, and it encourages users to push all complexity out of the projects and into the pipeline, these pipelines become fragile and prone to attach because they rely on loads of shared code to function. Read more...

Port Scanning Marantz NR1510  Updated:

Keywords: #hifi

I have a Marantz NR1510, it's OK, it' has some of the worst software ever running it. It really feels like the HiFi ecosystem is more than a decade behind TV's. Even the TV's before they were smart had better UX. I have wanted a way to select a Bluetooth transmitter, but i can't find anything via it's serial interface, or in the web interface. From the portscan, it's clear they're using the Boost CPP library. Read more...

FZF  Updated:

Keywords: #shell

I've been using fzf1 for a while now and I really like it. I have disabled some of the default overrides like replacing C-t since I actually use the transpose command some times.

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