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ASDF-VM  Updated:

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I have been using chruby for about 2 years. But when I started in the team I choose chruby because people on my team were using it. I did consider changing every time I hit a rough edge like Emacs integration, or some other thing. The other viable option seemed to be rbenv, which was widely used but I had only ever seen it installed on systems. I did always think that it's model of using shims was a bit better than chruby that updates the PATH. Read more...

Notmuch  Updated:

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Too much time spent pushing emails around into archive folders. I can't say that I need it all. But I also don't know that I want to throw it all away either. I started going through about 6000 emails and trying to find archive folders to push them into so I could finally have an inbox that wasn't filled which rubbish. The strategy that I'm trying to apply is to make sure that everything that I could potentially want to keep should end up reasonable folder. Read more...
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